Volunteers and Observations

  • All volunteers and observers must complete the online application at http://tinyurl.com/iusdvolunteerapp before volunteering/observing. Bring a valid ID in order to complete the application process. Volunteers/observers must be 18 years of age. 
  • Prior to volunteering/observing, you must 
    • Read the IUSD Volunteer Handbook and attest to knowledge of Volunteer/Observation guidelines. Please allocate time prior to your first volunteer/observation day to complete this process in the front office.
    • Sign in AND out in the front office each time you arrive and before you leave campus.
    • Agree to the COVID-19 Symptom Free Attestation
      1. By entering the school campus and signing in to observe/volunteer you are attesting to being fully vaccinated or that you have taken a COVID-19 test with negative results within the past week.

Volunteers who will be working directly in the classroom with students must also:

  • Provide verification or evidence of immunization against influenza, pertussis, Tuberculosis Risk Assessment, and measles. Each year, you must provide documentation of an influenza vaccination between August 1 and December 1 of each year or submit a flu waiver, and have proof of a Negative TB test within the last year. (Senate Bill No 792 – CA Health and Safety Code 1596.7995). 
  • Remain under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher and never be left alone with children.
  • Schedule your observations or volunteer times in advance.
  • Arrange for childcare for siblings if needed. Siblings are not permitted to accompany parents while volunteering/observing.
  • End the observation/volunteer time if it adversely impacts the learning of your student or the learning of others.