Pickup and Drop Off Procedures

Arrival and Departure
  • Park in the green areas on the linked map: ECLC Parking for Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • For the safety and supervision of all children, State law requires parent/guardian or authorized representative (someone 18 years or older) specified on the emergency card with children in licensed classrooms to sign their child in and out each day on time, using a full legal signature.  
    • The attendance sheet is located at the drop off/pickup area for each classroom.  Staff may request identification of anyone picking up a child they do not recognize.
  • Emergency information must be kept up to date in the event we are unable to contact parents directly when a child becomes ill, injured or an emergency arises.  This includes current phone numbers and names of people authorized to drop off/pick up the child.
    • Please inform your neighbor, relative or friend that you have placed their name on your child’s emergency information.  Go to the parent portal to update your information. https://my.iusd.org/
  • If we are unable to locate you or anyone else on your emergency card, the Irvine Police Department will be contacted at (949) 724-7000.  
  • Legal documents delineating a child’s current custody or release must be on file at ECLC.  
  • Notify your child’s teacher directly regarding any changes and be prepared to provide the required documentation.  
  • We regret that children may not come early to play or remain on the campus and play once their session is over.  IUSD has a closed campus policy when programs are in session. Your child must leave ECLC since other children are present and under the supervision of the school.  Parents are encouraged to visit the park next to ECLC or a neighborhood park for additional outdoor time for your child.
Late Drop-off or Early Pick-up
  • Please make every effort to drop-off and pick up your child on time.  When a child arrives late to school, or a parent/guardian is picking a child up early, it creates a disruption to learning and can make it difficult for a smooth transition.
  • When a child arrives late to school, or a parent/guardian is picking a child up early, the parent/guardian (or adult specified on child’s emergency card) must sign in/out at the ECLC main office.  If the child is late, ECLC staff will escort the child back to the classroom.  
Late Pick-up    
  • Each child must be picked up on time and in accordance with the class schedule.  A late parent can be very upsetting to a young child. Since preschool is not a childcare program, nor do we have extended care, we are unable to accommodate late pickups.  Please notify the ECLC Preschool office as soon as possible once you know you will be late in picking up.
  • It is essential that your child arrive on time and be picked up on time.  The following policy will be implemented whenever a child is picked up late.
    • Every time a child is picked up late, parents must sign and date the late pick-up form which will be placed in the child’s data file.
    • The third time a child is picked up late, parents will participate in an intervention meeting with the parent coordinator and child’s teacher.  The participants will decide upon strategies to facilitate on-time pick up and chart progress.
  • If the ECLC front office is closed and the child has not yet been picked up by a parent/guardian, the Irvine Police Department will be contacted.  (949) 724-7000.
Locking Gates

As you enter and exit ECLC during arrival and departure times, always lock gates fully by placing the ring around the top of the adjoining fence.  See picture below:

photo of gate